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How We Build

We strive to build your home with ecology in mind. Green design and Green materials are the best way to protect our environment.

We use sustainable, recycled and reclaimed materials wherever possible. These added to a sustainable design will help insure an efficient home.

We encourage correct solar placement of the home for maximum efficiency.

The use of highly rated spray foam insulation materials will reduce your energy costs by up to 50%.

Multi-zoned Radiant floor heat that can be powered by hydronic solar heating panels offers FREE heat and a non allergenic living environment that is second to none. No more dust allergies to worry about.

Multi zoned air conditioning cools only the space you use and helps lower your electricity bill. We use only highly efficient systems that include fresh air handlers.

Rain collection systems and gray water systems can be used to water your landscape. Don’t let all that water that is going down the drain go to waste.

Highly Energy Efficient Building Methods We Use

Multi-Zoned Radiant Floor Heat
Insulated Concrete Forms
Spray Foam Insulation
Solar and Wind Energy
Recycled and Reclaimed Construction Materials
Multi-Zoned Air Conditioning
Rain Collection Systems
Ice Melt Systems
Member of the Texas Panhandle Builders Association
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